Tianhe Villages

People use wired telephones at a shop in Yuancun villageA man carts garbage in Cencun villagePeople walk through a crowded alleyway in Yuancun villagePeople wait to cross a slick street in CencunCencun village is illuminated at night in Tianhe DistrictPeople walk along narrow streets in Cencun village in Tianhe DistrictA pool enthusiast poses in Cencun village in Tianhe DistrictPeople eat in a restaurant in Cencun village, Tianhe DistrictA remnant portion of old Liedecun village is illuminated at duskA recently-demolished portion of old Liedecun village is illuminated at dusk

Like most cities in China, Guangzhou is in a constant state of flux. New projects, new ideas and new forms of cultural identity are constantly displacing what came before. The pace of development is often dizzying; old buildings are torn down to be replaced by new structures in a matter of months or short years.

I'm interested in recording parts of the transformations that occur here on a daily basis; the tension and collision of old and new.