Recent Work

Yamazato Macau

Sushi dish at Yamazato restaurant in Macau

Yamazato Macau is on a growing list of venues I've photographed multiple times. Like many restaurants in Macau, Yamazato has an interesting design and staffs friendly chefs who prepare attractive food; it still can be difficult to find new pictures each visit.

Korean Food at Myung Ga

Korean hot pot at Myung Ga restaurant in Macau

Images of Korean food at Myung Ga restaurant for Galaxy Magazine.

Wynn Wine Master

Benjamin Barraclough, wine director at Wynn Macau, poses in the Golden Flower restaurant tea room

Benjamin Barraclough, wine director at Wynn Macau, was at the center of an F&B column I photographed recently.

Jade Dragon

Desert at the Jade Dragon restaurant in Macau.

I have been making portraits and feature pictures for a local business magazine for the past year. They recently added a fine dining column to the mix, to my delight.

Macau Silver Baron

MacauINC magazine cover with Roy Long

In the space of a year, Roy I.S. Long has brought Royalex Precious Metals from its formative beginnings at a small space in Macau, to relative prominence. Now occupying numerous storefronts around the city, including a multistory flagship shop, Royalex claims to have one of the largest precious metal coin collections around.

Andy Hui

Andy Hui poses at Galaxy Macau

I don't photograph celebrities all that often, so it's interesting to see how people respond to the images I do end up making. I shot Andy Hui for Galaxy Magazine a few months back; the editor of the magazine later wrote in to say that the pictures were a hit around the office, which is by no means an everyday reaction (as much as my ego may wish otherwise).

Macau Tower Climb

Macau Tower Climb from Forbes Conrad on Vimeo. Please do enable the "HD" button for best playback quality.

Locally known for offering bungee jumping, the Macau Tower also features something called Tower Climb; instead of jumping off the tower, visitors can grab a harness and climb to the very top of the spire's communications mast.

The 338 meter Macau Tower is presently rated 19th tallest tower in the world, dwarfing the Eiffel Tower (#27), amongst others. Standing at the tower's peak, there isn't anything to grasp save for the relatively flimsy lightning rod at one's side, and the aircraft warning lights at one's feet.

MUST Doctor Portraits

Doctors Leong Man Kin and Jin Chun, cardiologists at Centro Medico Pedder, pose at the Macau University of Science and Technology hospital in Macau, China.

A recurring assignment this year has been a series of portraits at the Macau University of Science and Technology hospital for MacauINC magazine. The hospital is marketing itself as something of a destination medical facility for vacationing mainland Chinese patients; in the magazine, the doctors at the facility are introduced to those potential patients through a series of stories about their individual practices.

Changsha Travel Story for Air Macau Magazine

Air Macau magazine Changsha travel story page 1

Air Macau Magazine asked me to take a ride up to Changsha a couple months ago to photograph a travel feature about the city. Although Changsha is around 700 km north of Guangzhou, the high-speed train network here has made that distance seem significantly shorter; a trip up to the Hunan province city clocks in at around two and a half hours.

Read more or check out the Changsha travel photos at

Francis Lui Portraits for Macau Inc. Magazine

Francis Lui portrait for Macau INC Magazine

Macau Inc. magazine asked me to photograph gaming billionaire Francis Lui at the Galaxy Macau hotel/casino complex a few months ago. I often shoot assignments at Galaxy both for the resort and outside outlets; I have literally spent weeks there filming property videos for two of the sub-properties as well as the main resort and have since returned frequently for Galaxy Magazine assignments.

That level of familiarity can make finding good portrait locations difficult; I have either shot imagery in most visually-relevant parts of the property or had abundant exposure to work other people have produced in those areas. The place is also crawling with people, signage and other obstacles (like the Macau government prohibitions on photography on the actual casino floor).

The Sky Casino, where I photographed Mr. Lui, is as close as I've come to an ideal business portrait location at the property.

The exclusive club of sorts resides on an upper floor reserved for gaming high rollers. Even though the areas where I was allowed to shoot lack any obvious gaming paraphernalia, the place still screams casino. Nearly all surfaces are carpeted in polished rock, swaddled in gaudy bangles or sprouting some ornate bauble. The reception counter even features things that somewhat resemble Oscar statues perched below windows patterned to resemble erect peacock plumage.